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Thank you for your interest in sponsorship of the NPC Twin Cities Open. 2024 is the fourth year of this event and we are working hard to build something even more epic than last year's event. We have some very exciting opportunities for you to participate and we are looking forward to partnering with you!

Why become a sponsor?

Sponsorship is an excellent way to increase exposure and gain brand recognition for your business by placing your branding directly in front of consumers. Historically, our event draws 125-200 competitors and 850-1000 attendees. 


All of our sponsorship options include social media coverage and web presence on the NPC Twin Cities Open website to help you access new networks of consumers, generate new leads, and gain new clients and customers. Sponsors also have the opportunity to participate in targeted marketing by contributing to our athlete swag bags and social media giveaways. Your branded swag will be directly in the hands of the consumer!


We invite you to join our community and together we will create new opportunities for your business! Check out our packages below to see which sponsorship option is right for you.

Can’t find a sponsorship opportunity that fits your business needs?

Contact us about a custom sponsorship option!

  • I want to compete at a national level show. Is the NPC Twin Cities Open a national qualifier?
    Yes! Per the NPC rules, athletes that place top 2 in an open class at an NPC national qualifier are eligible for any NPC national level competition.
  • When should I register for the show?
    You should register as soon as possible once you have decided to compete. Entries submitted after the deadline are subject to a late fee.
  • Can I enter more than one class?
    Yes. Athletes may enter any class for which they are qualified. Additional entry fees apply per class.
  • How do I know if I am a novice?
    The NPC Twin Cities Open novice classes are “true novice” classes. You are only eligible to compete in a true novice class if you are a first time competitor having never competed in an NPC bodybuilding competition.
  • Can I crossover to another division?
    Yes. Athletes may crossover and compete in more than one division. Additional entry fees per class in each division apply.
  • What happens if I don’t make weight in Bodybuilding or Classic Physique?
    Bodybuilding and classic physique athletes must weigh in during registration/check-ins on Friday from 6-8p. If you fail to make weight on your first attempt, you will be given every opportunity to make weight until 8pm when registration ends. Athletes will not be allowed to weigh in outside of registration hours. If you do not make weight in your bodybuilding class, you may move into a higher weight class. If you do not make weight in classic physique, you may move into a bodybuilding class or men’s physique class. Please note, different posing trunks will be required in each division.
  • Will my suit be checked before the show? Can I be disqualified if it’s too small?
    Suits can be checked during check-ins on Friday. Athletes will be warned if a suit does not meet the NPC requirements. Athletes may be disqualified if a suit worn on show day is against the NPC rules. Some of the NPC rules regarding suits are as follows: -Thong bottoms are not permitted in any division. -The front rise of the suit must not be too low in any division. -Men’s Physique board shorts may not have large logos, however, a manufacturer’s logo such as a small Nike symbol or other small brand symbol are acceptable. -Classic physique trunks must be black and no less than 4-1/2 Inches on the sides/hips. Classic physique athletes may not wear bodybuilding style trunks. Please refer to the NPC guidelines for classic physique trunks HERE. The complete NPC rules for each division can be found at:
  • What is available backstage? Are there places to sit, mirrors, a dressing room, bands, ect.?"
    There will be designated areas where you can set your belongings, prep for stage and pump up. Seating and mirror space will be limited/first come, first serve. Public restrooms are available. Free weights are not permitted on-site. Bands for pumping up will be limited. You should come prepared with your own bands. Oil and glue will be provided for all athletes backstage. Use of tanning products, oil and glue is not permitted outside of the designated areas. Such products are not permitted in any public areas of the venue or hotel including the lobby, hallways, and public restrooms. Athletes not in compliance can be disqualified. The NPC Twin Cities Open and Zahler Productions are not responsible for lost or stolen items at the venue including backstage areas, hallways and dressing rooms. Valuables should be left at home or secured with family/friends.
  • What should I bring with me to the show?
    Great question! We have created a basic check list for you to use as a guide. View Packing List
  • Can I bring someone backstage with me?
    Friends and family are not permitted in the athlete only area. If you would like your coach to assist you in the athlete area, coach's passes are available to purchase for $150. Passes must be requested by the coach in advance. The coach's athlete must be registered to compete at the time of purchase. The coach must be a current NPC member or have a current IFFB pro card according to the NPC guidelines. Additional information about our coach's pass is available HERE.
  • When should I book my tan, makeup and hair?"
    You should book your tanning, makeup and hair appointments as soon as possible to ensure an appointment is available for you. Makeup and hair services have limited space and fill extremely quickly. It’s best not to wait!
  • Is there a place where my friend can do my makeup and hair?
    Makeup application and hair styling is not permitted in any public areas of the venue or hotel including the lobby, hallways, and public restrooms. Makeup and hair must be done in your private hotel room or off-site. Athletes not in compliance can be disqualified.
  • Can my coach or friend do my tan for me?
    Use of tanning products, oil or glue is not permitted in any public areas of the venue or hotel including the venue lobby, hallways, and public restrooms. Spray tanning is not permitted in private hotel rooms and must be done off-site. If you, a friend or coach is applying your tan by hand, it must be done in your private hotel room or off-site. Athletes not in compliance can be disqualified.
  • Can I wear Dream Tan?
    The NPC rules prohibit the use of Dream Tan. Athletes wearing Dream Tan will be disqualified.
  • Do I have to stay until the end of finals?
    Once all of your classes have been awarded, you are free to leave UNLESS you are the winner of your open class. If you are awarded 1st place in an open class, you need to stay on-site for the overall comparison/judging and awards. At the very end of finals, there will be an overall winner’s photo taken on stage. If you are the overall winner in your division, you need to stay for the entire show.
  • I can’t find my NPC card, can I still compete?"
    Athletes without a current NPC card cannot compete. You are required to show your current NPC card during athlete registration/check-ins. If you do not have a current NPC card at the time of registration/check-ins, you will need to purchase your membership online from your phone even if you are already a member. We recommend purchasing your membership online in advance. To purchase your NPC card (membership) visit:
  • I got sick/injured or I have a family emergency and I have to drop out. Will I get a refund?
    No. Athlete entry fees are non-refundable. However, if an emergency arises and you must drop out of the competition, you may transfer your entry fee to the following year’s competition. Transfer is only valid only at the NPC Twin Cities Open. Entry fees will not be transferred more than once. Requests to transfer must be sent IN ADVANCE PRIOR TO ATHLETE CHECK-INS via email to Requests submitted during or after athlete registration/check-ins will not be approved.
  • Can I bring a camera to the show?
    Flash photography and professional camera/video equipment are prohibited. Cell phone cameras/video are allowed.

*Sponsors must join before the deadline to appear on the stage banners, the t-shirt and to receive the designated number of social media mentions.

T-shirt deadline: June 1st

Stage Banner deadline: June 15th




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