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The packing lists below are are provided for your convenience and are suggestions only. For a printable list, download this information by clicking the button below.


Athlete Registration/Check-ins Packing List:

  • NPC card (If you don’t have the hard copy, bring your receipt if you paid online.) 

  • Entry confirmation/receipt (will be in your email)

  • ID (driver’s license or passport)

  • Posing suit (Bodybuilding and Classic Physique must weigh in wearing a posing suit; all suits will be checked for adequate coverage.)

  • Food and water (You should be prepared with your next meal in case of delay.)

  • Upload routine music to MuscleWare by July 6th (Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women's Physique)

Hotel Stay Packing List:

  • Food, water, utensils, food scale (bring more than you think you need)

  • Supplements on your plan

  • Bodyweight scale (if your coach requires for tracking and weigh-ins)

  • Sheets, blanket, towel (to avoid damage fees from the hotel due to tan stains)

  • Makeup and hair styling tools** (if you are doing your own on show-day)

  • Loose comfy clothing (to sleep in and wear to your tanning appointments)

  • Track suit or other show day outfit + flip-flops/comfy shoes (wear to and from the show)

  • PLUS all the items listed below

Show Day Packing List*:

  • Food and water (bring more than you think you need)

  • Number button and athlete badge (you will receive at registration/check-ins on Fri)

  • Posing suit (and backup suit if you have one)

  • Comp heels (and backup pair if you have one)

  • Stage jewelry

  • Makeup and hair tools for touchups** (if you are doing your own hair or makeup)

  • Needle/thread and safety pins (ladies only; you never know what can happen!)

  • Cell phone and charger

  • Headphones

  • Exercise bands to pump up (there will be some backstage but supply is limited)

  • Leave all valuables in your hotel room or secured with friends/family

*posing oil and glue will be provided for everyone backstage
**use of tanning products, makeup or hair styling products is prohibited outside designated areas

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