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A Quarter Turn to the Right is the official suit designer of the NPC Twin Cities Open. Owner, Anne Brust, is one of the top designers in the industry. Her suits have been worn by thousands of athletes and have graced the stage at the Olympia along with some of the IFBB’s elite male and female athletes. For custom suit inquiries, send a text message to Anne at 507-254-7376.

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NPC rules regarding suits:

  • Thong bottoms are not permitted in any division.

  • The front rise of the suit must not be too low in any division.

  • Men’s Physique board shorts must not have any large logos, however, a manufacturer’s logo such as a small Nike symbol or other small brand symbol are acceptable.

  • Classic physique trunks must be black and no less than 4-1/2 Inches on the sides/hips. Classic physique athletes may not wear bodybuilding style trunks. Please refer to the NPC guidelines for classic physique trunks HERE.

  • Suit bottoms can be checked during check-ins on Friday. Decisions regarding suit eligibility are made by the district chair and/or the head judge.



*for a complete listing of the rules for each division, please click the button below.

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